Splashdown user story

London-based design agency specialising in luxury goods products

Splashdown are a design agency, best known for their work in the luxury sector, with clients including Estée Lauder, Christian Dior, Clinique and L’Oréal.


Since they began, Splashdown have been running a paper-based system. But as they grew, managing all the paperwork proved to be increasingly time consuming and laborious. “More than 20 years down the line, there’s a lot of paper,” said Jonathan Wilson, Splashdown’s New Business Manager. They also felt that a paper-based system may have the potential to be slightly less accurate than a computer-based system.

“The time came when we had so many jobs going through that we wanted to make sure we were monitoring job flow, time and purchasing more effectively.” They also hoped to find a system that would increase their profitability. Splashdown looked at three different companies and decided to go with Synergist. Having had a paper-based system in place for nearly 25 years, they were keen to purchase a solution that would quite closely mirror the way they were used to working. “The others had features over and above what we wanted, Synergist had the features we needed and the cost was right,” explained Jonathan.


Synergist went live at Splashdown in May 2007 and has helped the agency increase profitability. They’ve found that they’re now recording time, materials and expenses more accurately. “We’ve always been pretty accurate but are much more so with Synergist,” said Jonathan. “Now every hour…has a charge attached to it.” And although only small on-costs like laser proofs were missed before, now nothing slips through the net. “We’re billing the time we spend and the materials we use more accurately.”


Client work by Splashdown

They also have more information to help them assess jobs. “We can look at a job and see where we are versus budget,” commented Jonathan. They can also see what they’ve spent and what they’re likely to spend.

The information Synergist enables them to source also makes seeing the bigger picture even easier. “It has given us a better insight into our business and what we do.”


“The system’s highly useful reporting features have proved to be a big bonus for the agency. “It would literally have taken someone days to go through reams of paper with a calculator to work out the information that we get now,” said Jonathan.

It’s all added up to making Splashdown even more efficient in agency management. 

Synergist has proved to be an excellent choice for Splashdown and has helped make an already successful agency even more profitable.

“It has made life easier and I know we’re making more profit on every job than we did before,” said Jonathan.

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