LHM user story

Birmingham-based digitally focused agency

LHM have a story to tell when it comes to their agency’s journey and their experiences of using different agency management systems.

The challenge

LHM wanted to gain total visibility of their projects so that as their agency grew they could manage the complexities of workloads and job progress and profitability. It was clear to them that they needed an agency management system.

They initially chose Traffic, using it for two years, then Traffic Live for a year. But these were not very happy experiences for them. “I’m sorry to say that it was two years of pain with Traffic, and then a year of frustration with Traffic Live” said Steve Lawrence, LHM’s Operations Director.

“It simply wasn’t flexible. We had to constantly work to try to get our processes to gel with its way of working.”

“It tracked the time OK but the reporting was limited. It took hours to get all our timesheet reports done, because we had to resort to using Excel for some areas. It was the same with billing and forecasting, even to the point of not being clear what had been invoiced that month and what hadn’t. So there was a constant need to supplement our system with Excel and Google docs, which took a lot of extra time and introduced errors.

The results

“Liz, our Client Services Director, previously worked for another agency, and they used Synergist. So she recommended Synergist to us. 

“We also did a lot of research when we were choosing our system. We wanted to make sure we got it right this time. 

“Liz started telling us how easy it would be to produce the reports, output them to PDFs and do everything without delay. It sounded to us like the pinnacle of reporting.

“So we made the decision to go with Synergist.”

“We decided to have an accelerated Synergist implementation because at the time we were only two weeks from our year-end. I’m happy to say that we achieved it. So our reporting was pinpoint-accurate from the first of the year.

“We quickly discarded all our old spreadsheets. With much relief, I might add.”

“Quotations are greatly improved now, because team members have access to past quotes and jobs and outcomes. It allows them to make informed decisions. It means they can work better and faster and give a better client service too.

“It’s been a real culture shift for us. However it’s quite quickly become the norm for us now. Filling in the online timesheets is even quicker with Synergist than with our previous system. Not quite as pretty on the screen, you could say. But faster. And everyone entering their time can see how much of their time has been spent on that job. It gives them more ownership.

“It empowers people. Everything is more transparent. It helps everyone to see how they can be more effective and more profitable from then on, and give better client service at the same time.

“Instead of constantly having to work to try to get our processes to work with the system, with Synergist it’s the other way round: it lets us work with our processes and map them to Synergist.”

Instead of having to use spreadsheets and Google docs, with all the extra time and errors, with Synergist it now all comes together into one.”

“With Synergist we had one week of training, and four weeks of migration, and it works. To produce a report, it takes just one second now.”

“It tracks every key aspect of the agency. It has quickly become a key  part of our business. It feels part of us now.”

Were there any surprises? “The only surprises were that during implement-ation we kept being pleasantly surprised that everything worked just as we’d hoped. So every day was a nice surprise. We kept saying “Oh, and it does this as well.”

“Helpline support from Synergist is very good. We’d phone them about something we wanted to do, and there was always a way of getting it done. Believe me, this is all a big contrast to our previous experience, where the answer was usually No...” 

“Whenever I talk to other agencies about systems, I recommend Synergist to them.”

Monthly time saved

Using Synergist compared with their previous system:


Timesheet analysis, 4 hours

Forecasting, 4 hours

Monthly opportunities planning, 8 hours

Monthly billing planning, 2 hours

Monthly sales & billing reporting, 2 hours 

Capacity planning, 6 hours.


Creative, design & DEVELOPMENT 

Hours saved: 15 hours


41 hours


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