Time saved with Synergist

Time is your asset, your currency, your crown jewels. But only if that time is put to productive use.

Synergist is there to help you minimise unbillable time, freeing your teams at every level for more client work.  

Quantifying the hours saved

The agency that calculated their actual time savings

When LHM, a Birmingham-based digitally-focused agency, installed Synergist they decided to set about finding what time savings resulted. Their calculations are shown here.

Companies choosing a project / company management system usually have multiple reasons to do so. Time savings are rarely in the top three, or even six. Their justification for a system tends to be for more strategic reasons, such as gaining financial control, or generating increased profitability, or having live visibility of the entire company, or gaining scalability. 

But think about it. Time savings, which might have been number 7 on their list, finished up saving LHM £3,690 worth of time every month.

That's simply the time saved. It doesn't attempt to give values to the opportunity cost, i.e. the worth to the company of what those managers then did with the time saved. Not to mention the value of all those strategic reasons 1 to 6 on their list.

So the next time you hear someone saying they can't afford to get a proper system, you might point them to this page.

Peak time saving

Nicky Thompson, MD of Blue Chip Marketing commented:

“Year-end job bag closing used to take up to 2 months of Account Handlers time to complete and, at its peak, disrupt the smooth flowing of the office.

"With Synergist, we can’t even tell it is happening. Last year was done and dusted within 2 weeks – amazing!”.

Some peak times are predictable

What is the true cost of disruption to an office? 

Knowing in advance that a peak time of disruption is looming isn't a huge amount of consolation. Removing a logjam entirely could have incalculable benefit, however. 

Fast access to information

Thriving in the inevitable roller-coaster of the sector

Aiming for growth is all very well, but every seasoned manager has experienced the ups and downs of the industry. You don't look for stormy times, but you do want to have a ship that's nimble and efficiently-run in case one shows up. At such moments, time taken to make decisions can have consequences that are non-trivial.

Mark Beaumont, Founder of integrated communications agency Dinosaur, told us:

“In stormy times you need to make informed decisions fast. Getting Synergist was a smart move."

“We’re sorted now and for the future."

More time for clients

Steve Revell, Managing Director of Maleon, told us

"Good engineers are expensive, so you need to use their skills fully, not have them waste time on unproductive, administrative or unbillable work."

"Synergist helps our engineers focus on what they do best." 

"We now achieve very high utilisation rates – over 90%. The admin is removed from their day. We give them great support: they work hard, they’re well qualified, we want to keep them. The system helps them concentrate on the essentials, which is what they want."

Having high utilisation levels of your talented teams is more than simply a profitability issue.

In Maleon's case, his people are skilled engineers. Having high utilisation means they spend less time doing unproductive work, which means they have more time for clients, which is where they shine.  

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