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Bite CP is a market-leading creative consultancy that produces powerful results in design for print, digital and event management. They do so by consistently creating solutions that position clients' brands at the forefront of their customers' minds, with the overall aim of providing an excellent return on investment.

The challenge

When Mark Lappin joined Bite CP as Managing Director in 2005 - the year it was founded - the agency was using a paper-based business system. Mark was already familiar with the capability of software-based systems and wanted to get one in place for Bite CP. "I needed to get hold of an electronic job bag system that gave me more knowledge as to how the business was performing."

Bite clients

The search

Mark looked at several options - including Synergist from Express Systems, the leading UK reseller. To provide him with as much information as possible, Express Systems' director, Jay Neale, took Mark to other agencies that used Synergist.
Mark found this process very useful for giving him added knowledge about the system - and showed him some of the advantages it could offer. "I've got to say that a lot of it came down to Jay and his approach."

Impressed by what it could offer, Mark chose Synergist for Bite CP.

The solution

The Synergist system has given them much more control over the business. "It has made us more efficient in most areas" said Mark. It allows them to monitor jobs more effectively. Creative people can also put time directly onto the easy-to-use system.

Another big benefit for the agency is that Synergist enables them to see where they are financially and check on profitability. Mark also added: "It is relatively easy to change our estimates generated on the system into invoices and therefore it saves us time."

Synergist has other highly useful features. One of the main reasons Mark Lappin chose it was because "it also offered a CRM function." It gave him more in terms of reports too. He can run off a whole range which provide data on profitability, for example, by job or for the whole team.

The service

The agency has enjoyed on-going support from Express Systems through training updates.

Mark also values the personal approach of Synergist's service and finds that "their helpline is excellent".

They either sort out his query immediately or ring him back very quickly and Mark is impressed by the very clear understanding that the helpdesk team have of the system.

Mark said: "I would have no hesitation in recommending their service."

The result

Bite CP has developed fairly substantially over the last few years. When the Synergist system was installed in September 2006, the business had an annual turnover of about £1.2 million. This year (08/09), they are looking to turn over £3.7 million and, said Mark, "We have grown with the help of Synergist."

He believes that, if they had still been on the paper-based system, they couldn't have achieved this level of expansion. In fact, he says, they couldn't be without Synergist in terms of running the agency's system. He commented: "I like what it's done for us."

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