The Dadi's twitter pic competition montage



We are delighted to celebrate the winners, runners-up and participants in the Synergist Photo Competition at the DADIs awards event on 10 October 2013.

Over one hundred photos were taken and uploaded by attendees during the event. Judged for entertainment value and creativity, the results were rich and varied, as you would expect from the cream of the UK's creative digital community.

Entrants in our competition vied to win the top prize of £1,000 in cash, to be shared with their team at a celebratory event or creative project of their choice.

The winning entry came from TH_NK, with the caption "How many people can you fit inside a men's cubicle at the DADI Awards?" The answer, you will be intrigued to hear, is ten, which was their entire tableful of attendees. We get the impression that if the tables had accommodated fifteen or twenty people, they would still have somehow got them all in there...

Warm congratulations go to them for their memorable photo.




Tarek Nseir (TH_NK CEO) suggested they would be putting the money towards a 3D printer for their team to play with (sorry, make that explore the potential of) at their office. We look forward to photos of their efforts there too.

Two runners-up won champagne on the night: Equator and 7Things Media.



As you will see from the photos below, we had a difficult but highly enjoyable task selecting the winners. We look forward to doing more of the same next year. Can't wait.




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