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A digital agency's growth story: see the Mubaloo infographic

Discover the seven steps they took to reach where they are today.

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Five UK agency MDs on agency growth and team empowerment

When agencies decide to go for growth, what's on their list of actions? You can bet that 'Team Empowerment' is unlikely to come to mind... Yet here are five UK agency MDs who beg to differ, and they have research to back them up.



Infographic: London agency RLH has made a speciality out of dealing with client procurement departments...

... and their results show they've got it right. Can the procurement process work better for your agency? Click to see RLH's story.



Infographic: Birmingham agency CleverCherry discuss holding onto your agency culture & creativity even when doubling in size and changing premises... 

How does an agency retain its precious identity in times of constant change and growth? CleverCherry tell their story.




One-minute videos of Synergist's MD/founder Keith White on agency growth, creativity, profitability and agency management

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In the UK, there's a huge amount of great creative talent across the board, and we've got great assets in the digital world, traditional advertising and design; some fantastic work being produced.

It's really sad to see that some people who are producing really great work aren't getting the rewards for some of the things they do. It's about producing great work, and it's also, when you're running a business, it's important to make money.

So you have to balance those two things. Having a system helps you identify that you are or you're not, and where you are making money.

If there's an industry that is a classic case of wanting to do great things for the client and great work, but at the expense of their own profitability, then the creative industry is very good at doing that.



Infographic: London agency Purestone on creativity, contractors who overcharge, overservicing and turning down jobs

They're currently the busiest they've ever been, but they are no overnight wonder. A glance at digital agency Purestone's story shows how their decisions along the way have formed their thinking and helped create their success.



Infographic: Building Blocks, 55-strong agency, on peace of mind and increased profits

See how the Operations Director of this successful Manchester-based digital agency can sleep better at night now they have Synergist. And what their co-founder says about its impact on profits.

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System Selection & Implementation Guide

The 15-page Guide is designed to help you choose the system that's best for your company, clarify the opportunities available and ask great questions to vendors. It also helps you avoid some pitfalls and choose between the very different types of implementations available.



Infographic: Dinosaur's Turning Point of an Agency

Read the story of how the MD of Dinosaur, Manchester, made a decision that changed their direction and helped them grow. They're now 25-strong. He also shares how he drives his agency in a typical month, in good times and bad.                                                     Dinosaur infographic image                                            


Infographics: 7 Ways to Increase Agency Profits

WANT TO FOCUS on increasing your agency's profits? Here's a handy summary of the seven best ways that Synergist helps, as voted by our users:

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Infographics: Five Essential Reports

WHAT ARE THE KEY REASONS that companies choose a job costing and project management system? One thing our clients often mention is the reporting. But which reports are the important ones? Where do you start when considering acquiring a new system?

To help, we've created a series of five infographics based on what our users say are the Five Essential Reports. We hope you find them useful.



1. Profitability

2. Staff Utilisation

3. Job Health & Alerts

4. Work in Progress

5. Forecasting




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