(We'll call them all MDs from here onwards)


The choice of management system can have a far greater impact on a business than you might think.

How do you start to find out which system is best for you? How do you even begin to categorise the alternatives on offer? One way of approaching this is to think in terms of two major factors at play:

  • System cost
  • The needs of your company

The issues
  • If you grow your business, might you outgrow your system?
  • Will your system start to limit you at some point?
  • Could there be a technical break point lurking somewhere?

Being forced to move to a new system at a time not of your making could come at the very moment you need tight control the most – during a vital growth phase.

Seeing the big picture

Mapping the landscape in terms of system cost and typical needs looks like this:

Spreadsheets are in the bottom left quadrant. Moving towards the top right, we see systems with ever-increasing levels of:

  • power
  • intelligence
  • scalability
  • functionality
  • integration
  • project-based process and business logic


Synergist is renowned for its scalability and sheer strength of capability. With it, companies can grow from ten people to 500 and still use exactly the same system throughout.

Creative agencies and other project-based businesses use Synergist to:

  • intelligently pull everything together into one coherent whole
  • steer the business itself
  • drive profitability
  • promote and manage growth
  • make better-informed decisions in every role
  • raise client service levels
  • …and even uplift their business culture by raising the commercial awareness of the teams

For more on choosing the right system for your business, see the System Selection Guide.

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