Meet the agency that hired people 'on a wing and a prayer'

May 16 2017  |  By: Steve Johnson

Yorkshire digital agency HMA have grown from 10 to 21 people. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

We spoke with Their Managing Director.

Nicola Tiffany, HMA's MD

“2-3 years ago we decided to grow our business. This was not for the sake of growth in itself, but in order to be able to offer an ever-improving service to clients and a wider, deeper set of digital specialities. For us, that’s what growth is for.”

“Another benefit: growth’s created career opportunities for the team”.

So hiring does a number of things:

  • Brings new and different skills into the team
  • Lets you respond more confidently to new opportunities
  • Helps you balance the workload better, reducing the risk of burnout from existing team members
  • Gives employees a change to shine and grow

All good. But when is the right time to grow? First of all, it makes sense to get your house in order.

“When planning our growth we went for ‘lean growth’.

“‘Lean’ doesn’t mean ‘thin.’  It means order, and making everything work optimally. No waste. No inefficiencies. If an agency has inefficiencies, it’s the client that finishes up paying for them. You need process to make it work."

“One big reason for implementing Synergist was to avoid wasting so much time running the mechanics of the agency when we want to focus purely on clients."

“Synergist plays a significant role in helping agencies drive through efficiencies. For example, it has helped us to automate reporting. Before Synergist we used to spend hours and hours on producing reports.”

A good example is in forward planning. “Sales forecasting is critical for us, because the system gives us confidence in hiring people. Without such a system, you’re hiring with a wing and a prayer.”

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